Ronak Departments

R&D Department

Needs assessment; In fact, the first step in the production of a new product is identifying the market need. This procedure is addressed in the Research and Development unit through a study on common diseases in target areas, reviewing therapeutic guidelines, and also the identification of drugs imported due to shortages.

The foundation of our work at Ronak is based on research and finding new molecules in its R&D is done accordingly.

Quality Control

The Ronak quality control unit, with full control over the production cycle, puts the “quality” as a principle at the top its priorities. Benefiting its experienced experts and advanced equipment, this unit monitors the production process on a day-to-day basis so as to ensure the quality of the products according to the standards.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Unit is a sensitive and strategic unit responsible for protecting Ronak’s credibility. All quality activities relating to the manufacturing process of the medicines are documented and stored in Ronak’s Q.A. for further references.


Ronak production unit includes water for injection unit, compounding unit and a filling and packaging unit. These units have been set up based on the principles of GMP and international regulations.