Ronak is the first Iranian pharmaceutical company manufactured Remdesivir in form of lyophilised powder under the brand name Remdesivir-Ronak while maintaining world’s quality protocols.

Ronak at a glance

Ronak, established in 2002, is a renowned knowledge-based pharmaceutical company with its manufacturing plant located in Saveh and Head Office in Tehran.
Benefiting its human capital, Ronak has succeeded in launching over 20 medicines and creating more than 400 direct job opportunities during the last two decades.
As a pioneer manufacturer of generic products, Ronak’s domain of activity is not merely summarised in the Iranian local market. Indeed, a wide range of its products is now sold internationally in both Asia and Africa.
‘Living hand in hand’ with patients and partners, Ronak is now aiming to increase its local and foreign sales while enhancing the quality of the products through continuous research and development and complying with the last up-to-dated GMP regulations.



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