Importance of Export

The export of pharmaceutical products is a rather complex process requiring strict compliance with international health standards and global trade regulations. The export of world pharmaceutical trade has shifted to open oligopoly, thereby decreasing the monopolistic power of exporters.

Fortunately, Iranian pharmaceutical manufacturers are not an exception and today 27 countries were identified as target markets for their products.

Export plays a significant role in each organization and is an essential part of its trade, influencing the level of economic growth, employment and the balance of payments.

Export Approach

Benefiting over 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing while following Iran’s policy on the development of non-oil export, Ronak has put the expansion of its exporting markets on the top of its priorities. Ronak strongly believes that the development of pharmaceutical exports can lead to the growth of this sector. This not only has a direct impact on pharmaceutical products but also improves labour and capital productivity.

The registration and sales of Ronak products in regional markets in addition to its presence in the Far East and Africa demonstrate Ronak’s strong intention to expand its foreign sales and diversify its oversea markets.

Ronak is now registered in Iraq, Syria, Uganda and its registration in Qatar is in the pipeline. We aim to increase our share in the current markets and hope to enter new countries.

It is our intention to obtain more international standard certificates and develop its foreign sales.

Competitive Advantage

Ronak benefits its high-profile Research and Development team while taking advantage of its cutting-edge manufacturing and laboratory technologies.

Ronak’s factory is a 16,000-square metre manufacturing site, only 110 kilometers away from the Head Office in Saveh. This state-of-art facility became fully operational with 25 million vials per year in 2011.

Home to the most up-to-date and advanced technologies, Ronak now has modern manufacturing machineries, high-tech laboratory research equipment, and precise quality control instrument.

Ronak is now the largest manufacturer of lyophilized dosage forms with a capacity of 14 lyophilized vials a year. Moreover, it is capable of manufacturing 16 million 0.1 to 2.25 mL pre-filled syringes.

Apart from the quality and the agility of procurement, the packaging of Ronak products is one of its advantages few other national and international rivals can compete with.