What is the necessary care for diabetics during the corona period?
People with diabetes are at risk for more serious complications from Covid-19, but the risk of infection is reduced by maintaining proper blood sugar levels and taking precautions.

In the current situation and due to the prevalence of Quid 19 virus or Corona, it is better to follow the safety recommendations so that you do not get the virus or if you do, you can easily leave the disease behind.

Remember that the better the blood sugar control for a diabetic, the more resistant the body is to infection.
Having a proper diet and physical activity and taking regular medications helps regulate blood sugar.
Do not forget that proper blood sugar control is the most important factor in maintaining the health of people with diabetes.
Drink plenty of fluids.
Check your blood sugar regularly.
Proper diet is always very important for people with diabetes. Continue your healthy, regular diet.
Do not leave the house as much as possible.
If possible, for a periodic visit or renewal of prescriptions, a young and healthy family member should go to the doctor’s office or clinic.
Do not attend parties, celebrations, or weddings or mourning ceremonies.
If you leave home, keep a social distance.
Do not be in crowded places.
Do not visit the sick person and avoid any contact with sick people.
Do not shake hands with others. Avoid losing, rubbing, embracing others.
Do not forget to wash your hands regularly with soap and water and use a mask.
In case of infection of a family member, while following the advice according to the general instructions of prevention and treatment, respect it.