Ronak Pharmaceuticals Company has been established in 2002

Ronak Pharmaceuticals Company has been established in 2002 by efforts of a group of pharmaceutical professionals with the aim of producing injectable pharmaceutical products with advanced technology. Construction of the company was began in 2005 in an area of 17,000 square meters in Kaveh industrial zone in Saveh with consultation and design of LSMW and Pharmaplan companies and it has been completed in 2011 and became ready for operation. The company capacity and technical ability are as follows:

Vial filling lines able to produce 3-100 ml liquid vials.

Production lines with a production capacity of seven million lyophilization vials a year whose this capacity has turned it to the greatest factory of lyophilized vials in Iran.

Prefilled syringe line of 0.1 to 2.25 ml syringe with a production capacity of 16 million Prefilled syringe.Ronak is also equipped with new and sterile manufacturing systems as well as advanced water treatment system which is designed in proportional to the capacity and quality of the production lines. Another aspect of the factory is creating a clean space in production lines that are designed accordance with latest GMP & international standards. Ronak factory quality control laboratories consisted of physic-chem lab, analytical lab, microbial control lab & IPQC lab in which many modern equipment and analytical instruments guarantee the optimal production and check on the quality of manufactured products.

The existence of the aforementioned features to cause the Ronak Pharmaceuticals company to be able to produce high-technology products such as insulin (with transfer of technology from Biocon) besides production such as lyophilized vials of Deferoxamine (Desfonak), Pentoprazol (Pepticare), Methylprednisolone succinate(Medrolin), and calcium folinate solution vials (Rofolin),zoledronic acid (Zolena), Granystroe and Ciprofloxacin(Ciprox).

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